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Another Fraudulent Study Claims High Dose Vitamin D Is Useless

Again and again, we see natural health fraudulently trashed by bought-off pseudoscience. We now have yet another Bird-flying-into-sunfake study claiming that high dose Vitamin D has no value. This time the people targeted are multiple sclerosis patients.

The Trial

The study titled “A randomized trial of high-dose vitamin D2 in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis” was published in the journal Neurology. It was a six month trial of 23 people with multiple sclerosis. About half the patients were given 1,000 IUs a day of Vitamin D2. The others received two doses of 6,000 IUs of Vitamin D2. At the end of six months, 4 patients of each group suffered relapses.

Trial Flaws

The first two obvious flaws in the trial were the small number of patients and the short timescale, only six months. Even more serious, though, is that the patients were not given real Vitamin D! They were given a second-rate version. Vitamin D2 is not the real thing. Vitamin D3 is. The subjects received D2.

The authors knew it matters what kind of Vitamin D was given. They stated:

Correlations of lower MS prevalence, activity, and mortality with high levels of vitamin D3 nutrition have led to the hypothesis that high levels of vitamin D could be beneficial for MS.

The researchers knew that they were not giving patients the same thing that they acknowledged is associated with better activity and mortality among multiple sclerosis patients. Yet, they gave them D2! These so-called researchers have no shame!

Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised. The researchers admitted that they receive funding from Big Pharma, including Sanofi-Aventis, Biogen Idec, Merck Serona, and Bayer Schering Pharma.

Naturally, the medical pseudo-news media has trotted this study out as legitimate. MedPage TodayMedscapeScience DailyThe Doctor’s ChannelCBC News, and others have all covered the story with the same attitude. None of them offer any real analysis. There’s nothing but the usual hype that accepts the study’s claim of no Vitamin D benefit and makes no investigation into its quality or potential flaws.

Just Another Fake Study

Once again, a fake study has been done to give the impression that a natural treatment doesn’t work. In spite of noting that Vitamin D3 is what’s been credited with providing benefits to multiple sclerosis patients, the authors designed a study that gave subjects Vitamin D2. It was clearly designed to give the impression that vitamin therapy doesn’t work.

The so-called scientists should be ashamed of themselves, but their egos seem to be assuaged by large injections of Big Pharma money. They clearly don’t care if their results end up harming the people who rely on their work

More Information on Vitamin D:

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