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Homeopathy Effective Against Epidemics and Influenza


by Heidi Stevenson

People who use homeopathy are not terribly concerned about the new epidemic killer influenza reported earlier by Gaia Health in New Killer Flu Is Here—and It’s Drug Resistant. Mainstream media creates a whirlwind of fear about it and standard allopathic medicinescrambles to treat and prevent it with risky drugs and vaccinations that have little, if any, benefit and may wreak havoc. While Big Pharma and doctors reap huge profits, those who utilize homeopathy are confident that their chosen modality for prevention and treatment will protect the great majority from harm.

Recently, homeopathy was used on a very large scale to prevent Leptospirosis in Cuba. Virtually the entire populations of three provinces, about 2.4 million people, were given homeopathic treatment instead of vaccinations. The results reported by the Finlay Institute, which managed the project, were remarkable. Usually, thousands would have been infected and a few would have died. The Finlay Institute reported that the rate of infection had dropped to only ten people and none had died. If a paper with full information is presented on this trial, Gaia Health will report on it.

The following slideshow quite nicely demonstrates the efficacy of homeopathy in epidemicsand pandemics. Sadly, because of the iron grip of allopathic medicine and Big Pharma, money for homeopathic research and its use in epidemics has been sadly curtailed. Thus, in the last 100 years, few epidemics have been treated with homeopathy. The information presented in the slide show is, therefore, fairly old. Nonetheless, the clear difference in efficacy between the two modalities is clearly demonstrated. 



Jayney Goddard is president of the Complementary Medical Association in the United Kingdom. We thank her for producing this video.

With the control that Big Pharma exerts over mainstream medicine, including its journals, it’s remarkable that any study demonstrating a lack of vaccine efficacy has been printed. Yet, even there, the nodality’s weakness shows up now and then. A metastudy published in Cochrane Reviews in 2006(2,3), is one of the rare examples. Tom Jefferson, who was Cochrane coordinator for this study, stated,

here is a big gap between policies promoting annual influenza vaccinations for most children and adults and supporting scientific evidence. Given the significant resources involved in annual mass influenza campaigns, there is urgent need for re-evaluation of these strategies.

When one considers the costs of implementing a homeopathic prophylaxis program compared to allopathic vaccinations, the significance of Mr. Jefferson’s statement becomes even more significant. In the Cuban trial references above, the cost of administering 4.8 million doses of homeopathic prophylaxis (two doses per person) was about US$200,000. Previous vaccinations for the same populace came to several million US dollars to vaccinate only children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

If you want to protect yourself from the coming influenza epidemic, the bottom line, both in terms of money and health, is to consider trying homeopathy, with its proven effectiveness in a wide variety of epidemics and lack of any side effects from its treatments.



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