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Thought Crimes Controlled with Psychiatric Diagnosis & Institutionalization

Speech-Isnt-FreeIn this “land of the free”, people are routinely hauled away against their will, having committed no crimes, for thinking the wrong thoughts and, worse, speaking out against governmental policies and activities. 

by Heidi Stevenson

If you think that you have the right of free speech in the United States, think again. Psychiatry is used as a government tool to squelch freedom of thought. All it takes to land you in a psychiatric institution and forcibly drugged or electrocuted or surgically altered is the word of a psychiatrist.

It just happened to Brandon J. Raub, a veteran of the Marines, whose only crime was believing that downing the World Trade Center towers was an inside government job and posting his beliefs on Facebook. For that, he was arrested without cause—and there is video proving it—and hauled away. He was treated as a criminal, but he was never read his rights and no charges were filed. “hen his family tried to locate him, the military said they had no record of his being arrested!

It’s a little recognized fact that, if psychiatrists will state that you have a mental diagnosis and need to be institutionalized for examination and treatment, you can lose all your rights.

Brandon Raub was lucky. His situation became public knowledge and outraged millions of people—and a legal team stepped in to represent him pro bono. Most of us who run afoul of the law don’t have such advantages, leaving the government free to do with us as they wish.

The use of psychiatry to control thought is nothing new. Nazi Germany did it. The USSR did it. And clearly, the US does it. Whether you agree with Raub’s views or not isn’t the issue. Even if you think he’s crazy, it’s not the issue. Lots of people have different beliefs. Lots of people have beliefs that you would consider crazy. And you almost certainly have beliefs that others would consider crazy. Having and expressing beliefs that you or others think are weird does not give anyone the right to take someone’s freedom.

Raub is acknowledged to have been a straight-A student. He had committed no crimes. Nonetheless, he was forcibly arrested, handcuffed, and hauled away without charges being filed against him. On the word of a single psychiatrist after a single 15-minute session, he was declared insane and in need of commitment.

It would be bad enough if this were a unique case, but it isn’t. Raub’s attorney, John Whitehead, reports that he’s receiving calls from all around the nation from military veterans saying that they’ve had the same treatment. Of course, without their cases becoming well known, they didn’t stand a chance. The attorney indicated that such laws allowing involuntary commitment without cause exist in other states. The fact is that it’s done in all states—and in other countries all over the world, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

For an idea of the number of people forced into involuntary psychiatric commitment, Whitehead says that in Virginia, where Raub was detained, about 20,000 people a year are given this treatment.

If you want to know what can happen to you in such commitments, read Psychiatric Incarceration: It Can Happen to Anyone. and read Psychiatry: An Agency of Torture and Death to see how psychiatry’s twisted thinking lets them do such things so easily.

Psychiatry exists as a tool to keep people in line. Under the aegis of helping people, it destroys countless lives. Under the aegis of protection, it presumes to determine that people are a risk to themselves or others with no more expertise on the issue than the average person—though of course they would have you believe otherwise.

What psychiatry determines is normal is based on political decisions combined with pulling as many people as possible into their net. When it was politically acceptable, the DSM—also called the psychiatric bible—included homosexuality as a diagnosis of mental illness. It was removed simply because homosexual groups successfully lobbied for that change. Of course, its existence in the DSM resulted in thousands—millions?—of gays to be tortured at the hands of psychiatry.

That term, torture, is not used lightly or figuratively. That is literally what happens to people who fall under the clutches of psychiatry, in particular those who are forcibly held and drugged, not to mention given electric shocks that destroy minds and modern-day versions of lobotomies. And if the “patient” complains, that is used as yet another reason to continue the practice. They have built in an entire system of Catch-22s that make it impossible for one of their prisoners to get out of it, unless they go along with the treatment.

Does thought crime exist in the United States of America? You bet it does! If you speak out against what the government does, especially if you advocate actions to stop it, you can find yourself arrested, hauled off to a psychiatric prison (euphemistically called a hospital), where they can do anything they want to you—and they do.

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