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Psychiatric Diagnoses Not Inherited: Proof from Nazi Germany

Swastika-and-Caduceus-with-Death-HeadPsychiatry is a system that’s gone mad with power, and has been key to some of history’s worst crimes. Psychiatric diagnoses are virtually arbitrary, given with the false claim that they’re treating a physical & genetic disease, though there’s clear proof that’s not true. 

by Heidi Stevenson

The first victims of Nazi Germany weren’t Jews. They were people who’d been given psychiatric labels. Back then, theory held that schizophrenia and other such psych conditions were inherited … exactly like today.

Back then, the mass murder of people deemed mentally inadequate, whether for reasons of low intelligence or because they saw the world differently from “normal” people, served two purposes. It would rid the German nation of “defectives” and it desensitized people for what was coming.

Somewhere between one-fifth and one-quarter million people diagnosed with schizophrenia were sterilized or annihilated in this first step along the way towards the genocide of so many others, including homosexuals, intellectuals, gypsies, and Jews. That was somewhere between 73% and 100% of all people considered psychiatrically defective who were murdered or sterilized between 1939 and 1945[1].

If the theory that psychiatric illness is inherited were true, then the number of mentally ill Germans in the generation after World War II would have been greatly decreased. If not, then the genetic theory of mental illness should be recognized as pure nonsense. But the reality was that the rate of schizophrenia skyrocketed after after WWII, as much as double that of pre-war Germany!

That fact alone shows the claim of schizophrenia’s heritability to be utter nonsense. Yet, what is modern psychiatry’s claim about the cause of schizophrenia? That it’s largely inherited, of course. It’s routinely claimed to be a genetic disease—in spite of there being no evidence in favor of the claim, other than trumped up, statistical lies promulgated by pseudo science paid to get results supporting a genetic cause for schizophrenia.

A Bit of History

Psychiatry has been central to some of the worst human rights abuses known. Modern medicine and its cohorts in crime, foundations formed by industrial powers, but supposedly in existence for the betterment of humanity, were aiders and abettors of these abuses—when they weren’t actually front and center directing them. These three groups—psychiatry, foundations, and medicine—were from both the Axis and Ally powers during the pre-WWII period. They both assisted and guided the worst of the atrocities.

Before Hitler came to power, the Rockefeller Foundation was pouring money into the German Republic to develop and support the newly-invented field of psychiatric genetics. Central to its concepts were eugenics and ideas of racial purity. Notice the close ties between the Allied and Axis powers. That should come as no surprise, since eugenics was primarily a concept from the United States.

The Rockefeller Foundation was the financer behind organizations like the International Eugenics Federation, whose vice president in 1928 was Dr. A. Ploetz, who founded the Race Hygiene Society in Germany[2]. Other related funding by Rockefeller included the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics, and Human Heredity, both of which were focused on trying to find organic and genetic bases for insanity. The psychiatrist, Ernst Rudin, brother-in-law to Dr. A. Ploetz, was a father of Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) ideology. He was paid by the Rockefeller Foundation as head of both those institutions and went on to be awarded medals by Hitler. He is noted for these quotations:

The significance of Rassenhygiene [racial hygiene] did not become evident to all aware Germans until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our 30-year long dream of translating Rassenhygiene into action finally become a reality.

Whoever is not physically or mentally fit must not pass on his defects to his children. The state must take care that only the fit produce children. Conversely, it must be regarded as reprehensible to withhold healthy children from the state.

In 1935 at the International Congress for Population Science in Berlin, Rudin’s protégé, psychiatrist Franz J. Kallmann, called for forced sterilization of relatives of schizophrenics, even if they were healthy. He was soon outed as half Jewish, so emigrated to the US, where he was welcomed with open arms by the Rockefeller-associated Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which installed him as director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, which was associated with Columbia University. In 1938, Kallmann published a paper in both the US and Germany. In the paper’s preface, he stated that schizophrenics are a:

“… source of maladjusted crooks … and the lowest types of criminal offenders. Even the faithful believer in liberty … would be happier without those.’’

This “scholarly” study was used by Hitler and his regime as justification for the wholesale slaughter of mental patients and anyone else deemed defective, the program that killed with injections and lethal gas between 220,000 and 269,500 people, the precursor to the genocide known as the Holocaust.

It Can’t Happen Here?

Of course, we have a belief in our own exceptionalism, the idea that the horrors of the Holocaust couldn’t happen here—whether we consider “here” to be the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, or any other western nation. Some of us, though, are connecting the dots and coming to a different conclusion. I’m going to let the words of Ted Chabasinski speak of those connections:

[A]t this time, the situation of people in America with psychiatric labels is almost exactly like that of the German Jews in the early 1930’s.

For the last few decades, there have been more and more episodes of mass shootings of innocent people, perpetrated by people who have been labeled as “mentally ill” even when they had no psychiatric histories.  The frequency of these killings has been almost perfectly correlated with the increase of psychiatric drugging beginning in the late 1980’s, especially among children. … Just about every school shooter was on one or more of these drugs. But as we in the movement know, these facts are suppressed.

Meanwhile, the latest, most horrible shooting incident, in Connecticut, has finally alerted the public that something must be done … As with most social problems, if there is no solution, there must be a scapegoat.  And our people are that scapegoat.

I live in Northern California, one of the most “progressive” areas of the country.  I am frightened by the open bigotry against us that I see now.  I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.  The mental illness system, and the drug companies that control it, have discovered that blaming us for the killings that are actually caused by their drugs is a very effective way to extend their power.  Already in New York State, laws have been rushed through that greatly extend outpatient commitment, where people are essentially rounded up and forced to take psychiatric drugs in the community.  Such laws stripping us of even more of our legal rights have been introduced in a number of states.

As long as we continue to be seen as subhuman killers, we can expect to lose more and more of our constitutional rights.  And just as in Nazi Germany, where everything that was done to the victims of Naziism was done in strict accordance with German law, if we don’t do something more than we are doing now, we will have the same fate, with no protection of the courts.  Everyone said it could never happen, but it did.[3]

[Emphasis mine.]

There is now a great deal of fear among people who bear psychiatric labels—and those labels keep being extended through the genuine dementia of a psychiatric system that seems mad with power.

There is no evidence, other than trumped-up nonsense, to demonstrate any sort of physical or genetic basis to madness. As demonstrated earlier in this article, there is clear proof that there isn’t any such connection—with the singular exception of those drugs that are given—and often forced— by doctors on people they have psychiatrically labeled.

The labels themselves are defined by popular vote of a select group of psychiatrists. The labels are so loosely defined that almost anyone could be stuck with one. For example, a child who’s disobedient, or an adult who isn’t cooperative with his psychiatric tormenters, can be labeled as having opposition defiant disorder. And that label usually sticks for life.

And psychiatrists, along with other doctors, do this in spite of evidence that they, through their drugs, are the true culprits behind the increasing frequency of mass killings.

The power of psychiatry has grown to terrifying proportions, and it’s being codified into laws everywhere. The method  of making it happen is the usual: fear. This is no different than Nazi Germany. Those who’ve been given inane and insane psychiatric labels have every reason to be legitimately fearful. The reality is that they, as before, will be the first targets of a mad empire and fearful society looking for scapegoats.

Keep in mind that they are the first to be targeted—not the last.


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