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New lifeThe truth is being expertly hidden from us. Simple and natural expressions of humanity and life are called unsafe.

Kissing and holding hands are called unsafe in the promotion of fear of flu. We’re told to keep distance from other
people, not to congregate, to stay out of public places.

Foods that are natural and once eaten with pleasure, such as raw eggs in milkshakes and homemade mayonnaise—y’know, the real stuff, something most people have never even tasted nowadays—are deemed unsafe.

Feeding your pet real food is considered unhealthy. You’re supposed to feed cats with manufactured crap that contains little or none of their natural diet, instead filling them with grains. When was the last time you saw a cat grazing?

These and so many others are lies. They’re designed to do one thing only: sell products. We are convinced from the time we’re born that our instincts and nature are wrong and misleading. We learn to believe the messages from self—styled experts and fast—moving advertisements.

Our powers of concentration and reason are subverted by never-ending and ever-shorter explosions of pseudo-information. They’re in the form of ads, of course, but that’s not all. New media is full of mini-articles that bombard us with much the same propaganda, but presented as facts instead. The same is in our schools.

The result is loss of who and what we are. Beliefs are based on the needs of corporate profits, rather than our innate requirements. Even our sense of who we are has been subverted. We no longer know even how real food tastes.

From the earliest ages, our children are placed in front of electronic babysitters that constantly pound them with images, while we accept the promos that claim they’re being educated. Play consists of being hypnotized by rapidly-changing pictures and sweet-cutesy voices giving syrup-coated stories with simplistic morals.

The education system continues that process. Formulaic lessons expect less and less reading and thought, and more and more repetition of cookie-cutter tales of sanitized history and facts.

Reality is distorted into a modern image designed to assure that we take our place in the machinery of a society that deems our greatest value as being consumers. Indeed, we’ve even learned to refer to ourselves primarily as that—open maws, like those of baby chicks, pushing all the others out of the way to get whatever is brought to us.

I’m caught in the midst of this world, with the need to make my way in it, but no longer able to live within its constraints. Gaia Health exists as a wedge into this miasmatic society, this world of twisted reality. Health—of both ourselves and the earth—has been held hostage to profits.

Our most precious commodity is health, and it’s the one that’s most distorted by a corporate world. We learn to hand ourselves over unquestioningly for whatever the latest miracle treatment is. We allow ourselves to be painfully injected with toxic substances in the belief that they’ll save us from a terrible fate. We subvert our natural defenses, such as fever, by suppressing them as if they were the enemy, rather than our friends. We agree to horribly painful and life-destroying treatments.

The result has been chronic disease. Our children now commonly suffer from eczema, diabetes, and asthma—conditions that were once rare. New diseases and conditions have come about, like autism and a host of neurological disorders. We don’t even realize that some of the diseases we now fear, such as E coli, are the creation of modern agribusiness and medibusiness.

Simply put, Gaia Health exists to shine a spotlight on these and other issues, and provide you with a different take on health!


Gaia Health offers a different take on health. Although our articles are well researched and sources are provided, we accept no responsibility, including for the efficacy of the information or how the information may be used. In addition, the opinions expressed in articles on this site are solely those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owner(s) of this website. Please consult your doctor as your primary source of health information.

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