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A Different Take on Health

Young Woman SunlightAt Gaia Health, we see health and the world a little differently. They are intertwined, one with the other. We cannot be healthy if the world isn’t, and with so many of us in existence, the world cannot be healthy if we aren’t. Thus, our name is taken from the image of the earth as a living organism: Gaia.

Here is where you’ll find true and honest information about health. Much like the Greek myth of Gaia, we strive to honor our place with the Earth and the natural connections to our wellbeing. Articles about health have a focus on achieving and maintaining it, rather than on extreme measures that work discordantly with the earth—or don’t work at all. To that end, coverage includes issues of the environment and climate change, and as they’re relevant, the associated politics.

Gaia Health exists to fulfill a need to live with the truth. A certain tension with modern exigencies exists in these pages, most notably advertisements. They are, though, what make it possible. The meat of the site, though, is the articles. All are researched, carefully thought through. They provide a different take on the world of health.

The hope of Gaia Health is to clear the mist from our eyes. It has always been human nature to question, research, and think—to be a rebel and even outcast. Gaia Health echoes those propensities.

We hope that you’ll look through the pages and read articles with an open mind. You’ll likely be surprised, shocked, amazed, and stunned at some of the information. Some will likely be contrary to what you’ve believed. That’s the idea—to challenge accepted views of the world, but only with facts and reason.